A few weeks ago, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes which was a shock. I have to make a radical change in lifestyle.

For the last couple of weeks I have been adjusting to having a health condition to manage, rather than just eating whatever I want. This is a very new discipline. I have always been in the lucky position of being healthy and fit.

But as a wake-up call, it is quite a big one! I have to adjust my thinking and other things could do with changing too… Diet, exercise, self-care in general; a complete paradigm shift in my lifestyle.

Change: Life’s only constant!

Life is like that. Constant changes, constant adjustments. A bit like flying a plane,  even with autopilot engaged and systems set for a specific destination, other factors influence the flight and constant readjustments are needed, to keep on track. The pilot keeps attention on external influences and keeps the plane heading towards the destination, with corrections in direction, speed and altitude.

We cannot always predict what will happen to our journey. Even though I am resolved to get out of my way, I also have to work out what changes I must make, taking into account external factors, like diabetes! Change is tiring. It is hard work! No matter how often we deal with change, another transition demands all our resources and attention.

How do we manage to fulfil our commitments and keep up with our plans, obligations and responsibilities? Having help and encouragement along the way is essential to keeping our courage, energy and determination, so that we can continue.

I have experienced a lot of changes over the last two years. Many, outside of my control. I have realised that I want to use my  experiences and my learning to help people negotiate their own changes and difficulties.

How can I help you?

One of the things on my to-do list is developing this web site, to be useful to those who are kind enough to visit! I have some areas where I think I can be of help: Encouragement, Confidence, Parenting and Communication and of course, managing change!

I would love to become more focused in my blogging. What would help you the most?

If you have a few minutes to let me know by sending a quick email, I would be really grateful.

Let’s talk again soon!

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