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Making sense of what’s happening when working with others

You want to give your best.

I want to help you do that.

For professionals, having supervision can be hugely valuable.

Professional (or clinical) supervision is a way of focusing on events and interactions to find a deeper understanding of what happened.

It is an opportunity to consider working practices, dynamics, discuss problems and difficulties that have arisen in the work situation.

It is also a space to celebrate successes and what has gone well, and identify areas for further development or training.

How do you ‘do’ Supervision?

Supervision for professionals in ‘client-facing’ roles is a very different process from managerial supervision.

Whereas management supervision can be checking and directing by a superior, professional supervision has a different focus. It has been used in social work and therapeutic work for many years and in more recent times, has been recognised by other professions, such as coaching, as very helpful.

It might be helpful to think of it as
‘SUPER-VISION’ – getting out from the midst and getting an overview.


From time to time, it can be overwhelming and frustrating working with other people, large and small. Dynamics can be troublesome and sometimes, for no discernable reason,  someone drives you up the wall! 

Super-vision is perfect for working with the ‘iceberg’ of human interactions! When you can work out what’s beneath the surface, you gain clarity. With clarity, you can better judge what will work best.

Whether you work with adults or children, executives or shop floor staff, HR or Customer Services,  spending time reflecting on your work will help you bring your best practices into play.

 ‘Super-vision’ will give you the non-judgemental space and supportive challenge, so that you can develop yourself and hone your responses.

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