Five Secrets

to Happy Children

When everything has changed, kids may struggle to know how to behave.

I help you discover the Five Secrets to Happy Children, so you can help them find a sense of belonging and security. Then, they can relax and feel calm – and you can too.

“The misbehaviour you see is not the problem. It’s a solution to a problem the child experiences. We have to help children find alternative solutions”


Betty-Lou Bettner PhD & Amy Lew PhD,
A Parent’s Guide to Understanding & Motivating Children.

you are NOT a bad parent!

Right now, life is upside down. Everything has changed and you’re trying to make the best of everything and keep the family going.

You want the best for your family, after all. But it can be very overwhelming and stressful. And sometimes you shout at the kids or lose your patience… if only they would co-operate without the upheaval and the arguments!

relax – There is hope!

I can help you to calm the chaos, respond to the rivalry and help the happy! With a few tweaks, the kids will feel more secure and connected and you will feel more in control of life.

And that what you’re doing as a parent is making a difference in your children’s lives.

clear communication

You want the kids to hear your ‘message’ and act on instructions! Sometimes though, what you say, and what they hear is not the same! That leads to much confusion and frustration! Don’t worry!
It is possible to have a clear, simple message that gets a result.

Needs or wants?

It can seem like you must fulfil every whim if you want to feel like a good parent. It is simpler than that. Every person has three basic needs, for safety, belonging and significance. When you get clear on those three things, it becomes much easier to sort needs (essentials) and wants (luxuries).

Behaviour has a purpose

We learn to behave in ways that meet our needs to feel safe and significant and to belong. So what you call ‘misbehaviour’ is someone’s attempt to meet an unfelt need. I can help you find the clues to work out which need to meet!

Discipline: Teaching not Punishing

Helping small people understand what they can and can’t do is the helps them become responsible, independent and confident adults. Supporting their learning is our most important job and will have much quicker and better results than using punishments to try and force compliance. Plan a few learning opportunities.

Encouragement: parents’ superpower

We all need courage – not just knights in shining armour! Being able to encourage is both an art and a science. Crack this one and you will definitely feel like a superhero.

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