One of the things I am really good at (which isn’t actually a good thing), is saying “yes”. It is such a nice feeling, to say yes and make someone’s day. I love making people happy. But sometimes it can be at my own expense.


Sometimes, I am beginning to think, saying yes to other people is a way of legitimising my procrastination.

When I say yes to someone else, I have now got [another] really good reason for not getting on with my own plans. I can’t possibly start my ‘thing’ – whatever that is – because I have to do this job or favour or other meaningful task, for someone else.

So how do I get to my beginning? How do I get through all the promises I have made and obligations I have committed to?

  1. Make a list of all tasks currently committed to (and number 1 is my task)
  2. Give them a deadline if they haven’t already got one
  3. Get them scheduled into a diary
  4. Block out time for continuation of my task(s)
  5. Use this diary before saying yes to any other task from an outside source

Question: What gets in the way of your beginnings?

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