Are you ready to begin again? The new year has arrived; the festivities are over; it’s that time again. Time to get back to work and pick up your plans, hopes and dreams.

I don’t know how it was for you, but 2016 gathered momentum in July and the downhill slide became an avalanche!

Many things happened that needed to happen, but it was as if everything had a mind of its’ own and I had no control! I didn’t get any blogging done. I didn’t get marketing and developing this website done.  I have been distracted from my plans.

That’s not to say an awful lot of good and exciting things didn’t also happen. But now feels like it’s time to get back down to business.

My three words

Chris Brogan over at chooses 3 words every new year, to help him focus on what he wants to achieve in the year to come. I decided after reading this that I would use his idea to jump start 2017 and focus on developing my work. (Thanks Chris!) What better words to choose than my website words; the words that are the focus of what I do? That is my Reboot for 2017: Get back to what I wanted to do last year.

Begin – the Reboot

I may have been distracted during 2016, but to begin more than once is perfectly normal. Getting back up and walking my walk sounds like a wise move at this point. I hope I can help you begin something you want to do this year? For now though, I would like to say sorry, to those who were expecting something from this website that didn’t materialise last year. I am up and walking again!

What you would like help with this year?  What words will you choose? Maybe I can be of assistance?

I turned off my comments last year due to hacking, so please  email or go to the Facebook page,  or Twitter if you prefer. I really want to make this a helpful place for anyone who is trying to begin something, or to belong by connecting with others of like mind, or becoming the person they wish to be.

Happy New Year and best wishes for a successful 2017.

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