Yesterday we went to meet some friends who we haven’t been able to get together with all  in one group, for quite a few years.

Just before we left to meet up with our friends, someone made a flippant comment made that could have scuppered the whole day. As we got in the car and started the journey, I was chewing on the comment and feeling injured, angry, hard-done-by, misunderstood and righteously indignant. It wasn’t an awful thing. It was a small ill-thought-through comment.

I realised that I could allow this comment to spoil my mood, upset my balance and enjoyment of the whole day and probably to how I behaved during our visit. I hit a choice point:


Was I going to continue to chew on this one comment and allow my anger to grow, my feelings of hurt and being misunderstood to fester on and spoil the day, or was I going to let it go and move on?

I decided that I wanted to be happy. I wanted to have a good visit with friends, that did not have an underlying resentment about something that had happened at another time to get in the way. I put it down and walked away (metaphorically) from it.

And had a great day.

Question: How have you caught yourself at a choice point? What were your choices? What did you decide?
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